Scope & Funding

Scope of Practice

Ideally, services will be provided on a referral basis with the pharmacist being available for an average of 20 hours a week. Dr. X has indicated that an office is available for use at the Leader Medical Clinic, which would allow for enhanced communication among all involved health care professionals.

Although certainly not comprehensive, services provided by the pharmacist will include:

  • patient medication and chart reviews to screen for potential/actual drug related problems, ideally before patient is seen by physician
  • pharmacotherapy consultation, including attending rounds at both the hospital and long-term care home.
  • when necessary, patient monitoring and follow-up
  • frequent communication with home care nurses regarding the health status and needs of non-institutionalized patients
  • home visits to those patients who require drug information, monitoring, and compliance assessment

Because this position is a prototype, the pharmacist position will remain dynamic, and be adaptable to best fit the needs of the community and the health district.

Pharmacist interventions, recommendations, physician acceptance and patient outcomes will be documented and presented at the end of the initiative to the appropriate government agencies and participants, in hopes of demonstrating the potential benefits of pharmacists in primary care.


Funding for this year-long initiative will be the sole responsibility of Stueck Pharmacy.