Diabetes Information

The World Health Organization has estimated that by the year 2010, more than 230 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. Of that, 3 million will be in Canada, with approximately 59,000 in Saskatchewan alone. The scarier statistic is that an estimated 1/3 more of the population is believed to have undiagnosed diabetes.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with credible sources of information, so that you are able to educate yourself on diabetes and its prevention.

You may also wish to download the educational powerpoint presentation entitled “Diabetes: What does it mean for me?”

Diabetes Information:

  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Health Canada – Diseases and Conditions
  • Health Canada – Chronic Diseases
  • National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
  • Saskatchewan Health
  • Health Canada Statistics
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Medline┬« Plus


  • Diet
  • Dietitians of Canada


  • Health Canada Physical Activity Guide


  • Health Canada – Cholesterol
  • Health Canada – Controlling Cholesterol

Blood Pressure

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation

Quitting Smoking

  • Health Canada – Go Smoke Free

Mental Health

  • Health Canada – Mental Health