Both the Fyke Commission, and the Romanow Report recognize the role that primary care plays in ensuring the sustainability of our current health care system. As such, health authorities across the country are in the process of developing and implementing action plans for primary health care. The Saskatchewan Action Plan for Primary Health Care proposes an integrated system of health services through networks and teams of health care providers, managed by Regional Health Authorities. As with most revolutionary ideas, implementation will be gradual, with a goal of having all networks and teams established and accessible across the province within 10 years.

We believe that pharmacists are in the ideal position to contribute significantly to the primary care team. Pharmacy has long been regarded as one of the most trusted professions. This, combined with our accessibility to the public, puts pharmacists in an obvious position to be a major “point-of-entry” into the health care system. As such, Stueck Pharmacy has chosen to take a proactive approach towards primary care. Rather than wait for its gradual implementation across the province, we have decided to develop a practice model in accordance with the recently released Fyke Commission, in which the pharmacist plays an integral role on the primary care team. By establishing a close working relationship with the local physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, we ultimately hope to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Services offered include attending rounds at both the hospital and long-term care facility, including necessary patient monitoring and follow-up, pharmacotherapy consultation, individual patient and group drug and disease education, and prescreening patients for potential and/or actual drug-related problems prior to physician visits. Because this is a pilot project, the pharmacist position will remain dynamic, and be adaptable to best fit the needs of the community.