Pharmacy 580 Specialty Site Placement

Pharmacy 580 Specialty Site Placement
Stueck Pharmacy – Leader


The purpose of this rotation is to expose the student to a working primary care team.


The student will spend time at Stueck Pharmacy, the Leader Medical Clinic and will be attending rounds at the Western Senior Citizens Centre. Lodging and meals will be provided.


Main preceptors for this rotation will be Gordon Stueck, BSP and Mikki Millar, RN(NP), Nurse Practitioner. The student will have opportunity to interact with many other primary health care team members.


  1. Attend and participate in patient visits with the Nurse Practitioner. Assist in determining appropriate therapy.
  2. Provide diabetes education as part of an ongoing team project. Medication reviews of diabetic patients on an initial and ongoing basis to ensure clinical guidelines are being met.
  3. Participate in primary care sessions with the team.
  4. Prepare for and participate in care home rounds with physicians and nurses.
  5. Prepare materials as requested by the primary care team under the supervision of the pharmacist and nurse practitioner.
  6. Participate in information seminars at the school.


Depending on the time of rotation, the student may:

  • prepare for and participate in long-term care medication reviews.
  • conduct school sessions on drug use, smoking, etc.
  • provide diabetes education in a one-on-one setting.

This specialty rotation will involve the student in an active primary care team environment. The student will be expected to contribute to the team as a knowledge base and to patient care as an active team member. Excellent communication skills and self-confidence are a pre-requisite. This unique site will give the motivated student a view of the future of health care.

For more information, students should contact Bev Allen at the College of Pharmacy & Nutrition.