2005 04 01 Archive

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Insulin lispro is rapidly becoming considered a first-line choice for those patients with diabetes who require insulin therapy — especially in children with Type I diabetes. However, in Saskatchewan, lispro does not currently have formulary status, and as such requires Exceptional Drug Status (EDS) in order to be covered by the provincial drug plan. Coverage is available for those patients who have an insulin pump, or those patients with difficult to control diabetes. In most cases a patient must be tried on regular insulin before they can be granted EDS for lispro.

With the 2003 Canadian Diabetes Association’s Clinical Practice Guidelines emphasizing the relationship between post-prandial glucose levels and macrovascular complications, the focus has shifted somewhat to ensuring that patients’ glucose levels are optimized post-prandially –often through the use of lispro insulin.

Because of this, we believe that lispro insulin has now become a candidate for formulary status, and have drafted a paper on this issue, which we recently submitted to the Saskatchewan Prescription Drug Plan for their review and consideration.