2005 01 01 Archive

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Good news!…The Cypress Health Region has approached me with a contract for the funding I requested for the Diabetes Initiative. The contract provides funding for a six month period, although we are optimistic the Initiative will be ongoing.

I’ve already collected all the baseline data on our patients (only 4% are currently at target – and we’ve had 4 people diagnosed in the last week alone), developed a “tracking sheet” that’s been put in each patient’s chart and have started seeing individual patients. Our Nurse Practioner started last week , and together we’re looking at doing some community presentations as well.

Things are really starting to take off, and everyone’s quite excited about what we’re going to be able to accomplish. Perhaps this’ll open up the way for future partnerships between Health Districts and community pharmacists?…

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A welcome to Carmen Schoeler, a 4th year pharmacy student at the University of Saskatchewan, who is doing a 5-week specialty rotation with us. Besides being involved in the baseline data collection for the Diabetes Initiative, Carmen is responsible for weekly medication reviews at the long-term care home, and the research and development of a consice document outlining common drugs and their use in pregnancy/lactation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Last week, a crew from the Health Show stopped in Leader to film a segment for one of their upcoming shows. The discussion focused on our current activities, the role of pharmacists in Primary Health Care, and our upcoming Diabetes Initiative. It also included insights from one of the local family physicians on the working relationships between pharmacists and physicians.

The segment has been scheduled to air in early March on Shaw and SCN — I will post more information when I learn of the actual date.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year! The holiday season proved to be extremely busy, and I realize that I have fallen behind in my blogging. Fortunately, not alot was happening over the past few weeks, so there’s not too much to catch up on.

A Nurse Practioner has been hired for the Leader area, and will be starting out here in the middle of January. Everyone has been eagerly awaiting her arrival, and I am looking forward to working together with her.

We still haven’t heard any word on funding support from the district for the Diabetes Initiative. So, we have decided to pursue another funding avenue, namely the Health Quality Council’s Innovation Fund. We should hear this week if our initial proposal has been accepted for further development and possible funding. Information on the HQC’s Innovation Fund can be found on their website.

The Health Region did approach me to act as a PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles) consultant, and develop an approach for Primary Care team development using the PDSA cycles. Initially the strategy will be used in the Leader area, with the intent to eventually roll it out across the region. I will be presenting it to the Region’s PHC Steering Committee on January 11th. The proposal I developed can be found here.