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Stueck Pharmacy now offers The Diet Plate®, the complete weight management system that makes portion control easy.

Hate to diet? Love what you cook? Want to eat with your family without being made to feel different because you want to lose weight? Can’t be bothered to weigh your food portions and count points or calories? Take a look at the innovative Weight Management System called The Diet Plate®.

The Diet Plate® replaces your everyday dinner plate and becomes your perfect partner in portion control. There’s no counting calories, points or fat grams and no denial of essential food groups. You can still enjoy your favourite foods but in a more nutritional context.

The Diet Plate® is being used successfully by diabetic educators and physicians to teach portion control as well as portion mix to diabetics. Portion control plays a bigger part in diabetic diets than most diabetics realize.

Get your Diet Plate today at Stueck Pharmacy for only $32.99 each, with shipping pre-paid in Saskatchewan.

To learn more about The Diet Plate®, visit www.thedietplatecanada.com.